Use my telephone line from abroad without paying roaming charges

You have a mission to fulfill abroad for your employer, for your business or you will simply spend a few days on vacation to the Caribbean sun, but you have a landline in your office that will not stop ringing in your absence, and you would like avoid paying astronomical sums using your mobile line in Roaming mode, once abroad.

How to solve this problem?

Using the services of a VOIP provider such as Hivoox Telecom is surely one of the easiest solutions in this case. With Hivoox, you will have several options, which will allow you to continue making and receiving your phone calls easily. You can buy a landline number in USA with Hivoox and forward all your calls from the office or mobile to this landline number in Spain. You can also request the portability of your landline number to Hivoox and use your number directly without being obliged to make call forwarding and pay additional costs.

After buying the Voip number in Hivoox, you will receive a new landline number and configuration information for that number. If you have ported your number, you will also receive the configuration information.

SIP terminal choice

The SIP terminal is the device you will use to receive these calls, as soon as you arrive abroad. For convenience, I will talk about 2 SIP terminals that seem to me the most adapted to this type of situation. However, you can use any other terminal at your convenience. My choice will be made here for the mobile phone or the mobile Wi-fi from Grandstream.

Mobile phone:

You can configure the VoIP number on your mobile phone using a free application to make and receive calls as if you were in USA. For everything to work well, your mobile phone must be connected to the Internet via Wifi or 4G, which you can easily obtain in the destination country by buying a SIM card. With this configuration, you can make and receive calls as if you were in USA. Your mobile phone must have a good battery, because in order not to miss a call, the VoIP application must run in the background on the mobile phone and consume enough battery charge.

Grandstream VoIP WIFI Phone

The Grandstream WP820 Wifi mobile phone is a WIFI voip phone, which works exclusively with VOIP services. By setting up your SIP account on this phone, you can make and receive calls with excellent quality. This phone will automatically connect to the public WiFi network of train stations, airports, coffee shops, WiFi of your hotel, office or the shared connection of your mobile phone and allow you to use your VoIP line.

With the Grandstream WP820, you will not have the problem of charging the battery, since a full charge of this phone will allow you to have up to 7 hours of telephone conversations, which is impossible with a GSM mobile phone. In addition, you can pair it with headphones and mobile devices via Bluetooth, to take advantage of even more features. You can configure 2 different Voip telephone lines to make and receive calls at any time without losing voice quality.

Features of the Wi-Fi Grandstream WP820:

Mobile phone Wi-Fi Voip Grandstream WP820.
Allows you to configure up to 2 SIP accounts.
It syncs via Bluetooth with other devices.
Allows the transfer of contacts and calls between connected devices.
This phone offers HD audio quality.
It has double microphone with suppression of background noise.
1500 mAh rechargeable battery.
7.5 hours of conversation
150 hours of standby time.
Push to talk function.
Micro USB port.
3.5mm headphone jack.

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