Whether you are a worker or unemployed, rich, or poor, if you are used to surfing the internet, you have probably already read the word Dropshipping somewhere. If you want to get started in this type of business, I leave you here some indications which can help you to succeed in your business.

Dropshipping is a type of online business, where the merchant sells the products he does not have in stock and buys it only when a customer places an order and pays on his website. The merchant can sell the products on his website or on thousands of marketplaces on the internet.

In this article I will mainly talk about selling through a website because in my opinion, although Marketplaces allow you to sell quickly and make money, it is better to have a website that allows you to build an image of brand and ensure the longevity of your business. In Marketplaces, you can be excluded overnight for various reasons, and quickly lose your business, with no recourse available.

In 2018, I had an account in a marketplace where I was present for at least 2 years and where I sold various products well. While my business was running smoothly, well, I received an email stating that I had violated the terms of use and my account was suspended. They closed my business any further explanation despite my numerous reminders.

Since that day, I decided to create a website using an online e-commerce platform and I have absolutely no regrets. I share my experience here with you in case it can help you in your Dropshipping project.


1 — The customer places an order on the merchant's website and pays for his order.
2 — The merchant receives the order and payment from his customer and places an order for this product with the supplier and pays for it.
3 — The supplier is responsible for sending the order to the end customer.
4 — The customer receives his order and trusts the merchant website.

As you can see, the merchant is an intermediary who focuses on the sale and promotion of the product, while the supplier who takes care of the delivery and the stock management.




To do Dropshipping, you must initially define the products you want to sell, the margins you want to earn, define the target market and customers and the payment method you want to offer to your customers. Before doing anything, it is important to devote time to this step, to give yourself every chance of success.


I recommend that you choose to sell a product that you believe in and that you know fairly well or products that you can quickly acquire knowledge of how it works, reliability, etc. It would be interesting to research the sale of this product on the internet, visit online sites selling the same product, read customer reviews on this product, read blog articles about this product ... to better understand the possibility's success of such a product in the target market.


Now that you have chosen your product, you need to define the target market and customers. It is important to know exactly where and to whom you want to sell your products. This information will help you in the search for the supplier and the method of payment that you will offer on your website.


If you could choose the product, you now need to find the right supplier. Favor suppliers with quality products, with payment and delivery conditions favorable to your business.

To do Dropshipping it is essential to find trusted suppliers who always have the stock available so that you can quickly deliver the customers who place orders on your website. It is preferable to contact the supplier to inform him of your intention to resell his products and to know his payment and delivery conditions, before starting.

Note that it is always more interesting to choose the suppliers who can deliver in your target market and avoid those who have an extremely high cost of delivery or a too long delivery time.


To make Dropshipping successful, you must define the payment method that you will use to collect your customers quickly. This choice will be useful in choosing the e-commerce platform for the creation of your website. The platform of your choice must allow the integration of the payment method you wish to offer.



Once you have chosen the products to sell, the target and the payment method, you must start creating your website dedicated to e-commerce. There are several platforms on the market allowing you to create an e-commerce website very quickly, and very compatible with Dropshipping. You just need to do a search on the internet with the keyword “create e-commerce website” and you will discover dozens of solutions, which will allow you to quickly have an e-commerce website with all the basic features, to start selling online without the need to rent servers or get lost in complicated system configurations. In return you will pay a monthly subscription.

Most e-commerce platforms allow you to test 15 days before subscribing. You can thus create test sites, to familiarize yourself with the platform and see if it meets your needs and if it is intuitive enough to help you understand how it works. For design, you will find in these platforms various themes ready to be used, which you can easily customize. You can also visit theme marketplaces sites ... which offer themes for these platforms, as well as an installation service so that your site really looks like the design that motivated your choice. They can among other things, against a few euros, make other modifications if you wish.

It is advisable to choose and install a paid theme, only on the platform that you have chosen.


For your website to make sales, Internet users must find it, visit the product pages, and decide to make a purchase. To facilitate sales, your website must demonstrate the quality of your products and your expertise to inspire confidence in Internet users.


For Internet users to find you, you must be present on the search engines. To be present on the search engines, you must create an account with them and declare your site there so that it is indexed there. On the help pages of all search engines you will find instructions for indexing your website. The principle is simple, Internet users go to search engines to find a product and search engines will display in search results, the list of sites indexed, having this product.

The problem is that your competitors too, have taken the same step, and you are not sure to appear at the top of the page to be seen? To appear at the top of search results, your site must generally meet a few basic criteria. Here are some of these criteria:

1 — Search engines must understand the content of your website.

Take time to make sure that the search engines understand the structure of the content on your site. There are extensions on these website creation platforms, which make it easier for search engines to understand the content present on your website. I advise you to use them.

2 — The quality of your content.

You need to write description of your products, allowing Internet users to fully understand the product, its advantages, features, etc. You can also add a blog to your website where you often publish articles demonstrating your expertise in the field, as well as a list of questions and answers allowing Internet users to find answers to their questions.

Whether for your product page, your blog or questions and answers, always write unique content. The content of your site must stand out from your competitors and must be of real use for Internet users. Search engines are successful because they make it easy for us to find answers to our questions. If your site offers less interesting and reliable content than that of your competitor, the search engines will favor your competitor's site.

3 — The activity of your site on the web

Let your customers leave a testimonial when they buy your product. This will help you in the search engines, but also for new customers to see what people who have already bought from you think.

Allow customers to share links from your site on social media. Create pages on social medias, share your content and create communities. Register in the specialized forums and help the Net surfers to find answers to their questions in your field, add your site to specialized and credible web directories. Exchange links with other sites, having a complementary activity to yours, etc. The goal is to show search engines that your site is useful for Internet users.



Allow people to contact you via email, contact form, chat, or phone, so they can get quick answers to their questions. If you sell in a country different from yours, subscribe to the virtual number service at Hivoox to have a local phone number and facilitate contact with your customers. You can also subscribe to a business address and have a better local presence for your business.


I am not claiming that with this article your Dropshipping business will work perfectly, but it is certain that if you follow this path, you are putting the luck on your side. Feel free to leave me any comments or questions related to this article.