To have a postal address in the Netherlands as a private address to purchase a car for personal use

Your question:

I am a resident of Perpignan (France) and I would like to have a private postal address in the Netherlands with proof of service to buy a vehicle for my personal use.

Our answer:

Our service of business address (postal address) can be purchased by individual or companies, to receive correspondence, register other company or any other legal necessity.

Unfortunately, we do not provide proof of address.

If by private address it means that you use our address as your address, the answer is yes. You can use our address to receive correspondence as if it were your home or office.

I cannot tell you if our postal address can be used for the purchase of your vehicle, you should verify this detail with the seller or the local authorities. But our business addresses are real and verifiable addresses, where many companies and individuals are registered. 

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