Can you tell me about VOIP service and how does it work?

The acronym VoIP, which means (Voice Over Internet Protocol), is a technology that allows the transmission of voice or multimedia communications over the Internet (IP).

By using Hivoox's telephony services, you are using and enjoying the benefits of VoIP technology and its solutions.

VoIP operators, such as Hivoox Telecom, have designed IP networks that are completely different from traditional telephone network architectures and offer extraordinary services to users around the world. Thanks to VoIP technology and VoIP operator innovation, users can now enjoy telephone calls without borders, send and receive SMS through the Internet, using the telephone numbers from another country without a roaming cost, etc.

To make or receive calls with this technology (VOIP), you need a softphone (software with the appearance of the phone) installed on your computer or mobile, a VoIP phone connected to your Internet router or an analog adapter associated with the conventional telephone.

VOIP users can make calls from any location where they have access to broadband internet, can make calls to traditional lines and voip lines, or receive calls from traditional lines and voip lines.

The choice of a VoIP solution for your company is still the best solution to have a powerful telephone system at a very low cost and that allows a considerable reduction in the cost of telephone calls.

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