I am in the United States, can I rent a Mexican DID number?

Your question:

I am a resident of the United States and I am looking for a Mexican DID number to receive calls and messages from Mexico on my cell phone here in the United States.

Our answer:

The DID number of Mexico is a service that you will find on our website in the category “Telephony / VoIP Numbers / Phone Numbers” and can be purchased online. This Mexico landline number will allow you to make and receive calls as if you were in Mexico. Residents in Mexico will call a regular local telephone number, but you will receive calls in the United States.

We do not have the SMS option for Mexico currently. We are working to offer this function in the very near future. Follow us on social media and you will be informed as soon as we have the SMS option for Mexico.

To receive phone calls, you can use your Android or iOS smartphone, with the zoiper application, media5fone or another sip app, your computer with a softphone (virtual phone that is installed in the computer), a VoIP phone (identical to the phone you have in house or office, but connects to the Internet router), your voip switchboard, etc.

We hope we have answered your question. Feel free to comment on this article if you need additional answers.

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